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I am proud to announce from now on a portion of all proceeds from classes at SHEBA will go charity. Each month a donation will be given to a designated charity. This month we are donating to the Black Lives Matter movement and stand in solidarity with their cause.

Know that by attending classes you are contributing the cause and taking an action. 

If you would like to take more action read and educate yourself about the cause and other ways you can help.


Online Rates

I understand it's challenging right now to continue paying for classes so I am offering you the option to pay what you can: 
$10 or $15 per class, or use your class card to sign in to classes.
There are also free weekly classes if you cannot afford to pay at all right now

*You need to download zoom to your device in order to join the class

**Each class will have a one-time code to get in which will be emailed to you once you have purchased a class

***Join the at least 10 minutes early to sign in and sort out any technical issue.

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